• Pati Vail Losh

    I saw Ehren Tool & his amazing cups on WGVU. He woke me from my emotional slumber from PTSD. He made several statements that hit me hard & has made me want to live life again with purpose. He put things so simply and straightforward. He inspired me to put into action my lifelong dream of making a living with my art. Thank you, Ehren, for helping me heal!!

  • Cheri Uno

    I met Ehren at PCC. We made a trip together to Las Vegas to the Ceramics Conference! I was just thinking about him a few days ago and wondered where he is now! While sick with a cold today I flipped channels. I found Craft In America and there he was with his cups! I love them. Love his video! I saw he had a show in LA 2012 – wish I could see something current. I didn’t see much on his name with a google search. Wondered does he have a website?