• Dallas Robson

    I love your work Jamie. I work similarly with glitter tho my work uses buttons glass beads with images under the glass. Relate to the comment you made about “get here earlier tomorrow”. I don’t have the luxuary of my own studio and work on my kitchen counter and need to move the pieces if we have guests :) I live in Qld Australia and have been making art since 1982 obtaining my degree in Visual Art in 1993. You have sourced so many colours. Here glitter is just starting to be sourced in normal shops and so I buy when I see new tones. Your use of the colour charts remind me of ceramic charts for glazes which were all round me at Uni as i worked in the ceramic studio then. I also am interested in Carivagio’s work. Especially since a documentary from David Hockney where he suggests that Carivagio being a leading innovator of his day actually traced his drawings onto canvas using a mirror (why the figures are back to front he said). I have been also using tracings in my work and computer reduction to make the drawings small enough to fit under glass. I’m very glad that your work was selected to be shown via the internet. I was told about your work at a local art supply shop. The young guy wrote the web address onto my receipt for glitter!