We love having our work shared and re-posted, but we think it is really disrespectful when people or publications take our work and present it as though it is their own. Don’t be that guy! If you would like to share our photos on your blog we ask that you link back to www.inthemake.com and state that “These images were originally published in a studio visit with (artist name) on In The Make. To see more studio visits with West Coast artists go to www.inthemake.com” Out of respect for everyone’s work, be sure to name the artist whose artwork is being pictured and please note that our photographer, Klea, prefers that you please credit all images to InTheMake.com rather than to her personally.

If you would like to use our images or text in printed form or for any commercial use we do require a reasonable licensing fee which is dependent on context and image size and quantity.  You can contact us regarding content sharing at info.inthemake@gmail.com

All images © In The Make 2012. All rights reserved.

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